XF and XC Series

Universal Robots. Award-winning smart vision sensors!


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  • The VeriSens vision sensors XF and XC are faster and simpler to access image processing for cobots of Universal Robots.

  • The URCap interface in the robot controller makes these sensors fast and easy to integrate into the program.

  • Extra two nodes can help access multiple image processing options as well as 21 powerful features.

  • The time-consuming manual hand-eye calibration is eliminated, thanks to the SmartGrid that reduces set-up time to a few minutes and is also more accurate.

  • These smart vision sensors have integrated lighting and lenses of 8 mm and 12 mm.

  • The VeriSens Application Suite is consistent for all vision sensors and guides non-experts to a configured sensor in easy steps.


Intelligent vision sensors for wide applications!


The VeriSens vision sensors can be used in the packaging industry for various applications like foil wrapping seams, cap monitoring, label inspection, and lots more.

Automotive & Electronics

VeriSens Vision sensors are useful in vision-guided robotic and find wide applicability in the automotive and electronics industry.


These sensors can detect over-molding, inject molding errors, scratches, check pins’ alignment, monitor surface mounting, and more.

Assembly & Handling

The XF and XC series sensors can be used in the assembly and handling sector for multiple applications like detection for pick and place, the position of protective plugs and caps, position monitoring of components, and more.


The VeriSens can be useful in robotics and a variety of functions like robotic pick and place, quality inspection, screw fastening, robotic welding, deburring applications, and more.

Food and Beverage

These vision sensors can check best-before dates, check the presence and position of straws on the packaging, and position of safety closures in the food and beverage industry.

How VeriSens is different from other products?

The right and powerful image-based vision sensor!

Intelligent Calibration Target

The VeriSens SmartGrid with automated coordinate alignment will lessen the robot’s set-up time of compatible vision sensors to just a couple of minutes.

Patented FEX Image Processor

The image processing of these vision sensors works wonderfully at all times, even in unreliable light conditions. 

Robot Control

VeriSens URCap is a convenient Universal Robot app that easily installs and integrates vision sensors into the program sequence.

VeriFlash Flash Controller

Since the XC sensors are fully integrated with the VeriFlash flash controller, they generate external flash pulses with up to 48 V and 4 A.

VeriSens Application Suite

The configuration software is uniform for all VeriSens and is available in nine different languages.

FEXLoc Part Location

Its reliable 360° part recognition allows virtual object alignment to check the right position, eliminating the need for mechanical part alignment.

UR Certification

Baumer’s VeriSens sensors are certified by Universal Robots. The software integration is done through VeriSensURCap.


Baumer’s VeriSens sensors are awarded first place as the most innovative product of the year in the Inspect Award 2021 in the category - Vision.

Benefits of VeriSens - Universal Robots - XF and XC Series

The benefits you can experience with the VeriSens - XF and XC series.

Fast integration

SmartGrid and URCap interface has made integration super fast, simple, and more accurate.

Fast and easy configuration

VeriSens XF and XC series sensors do not require any programming language for configuration. They can be easily configured with the VeriSens Application Suite within minutes.

Precise image evaluation

VeriSens Vision sensors provide an accurate image evaluation and dimensional check even when mounted at an angle.


These sensors provide real-time rectification of distortion, shading, and perspective bias.

Image processing in real-time

The patented FEX image processor enables reliable contour-based image processing possible in real-time without any lagging.

360° part recognition

VeriSens Vision sensors provide a reliable 360° part recognition without any mechanical object alignment, all thanks to their FEXLoc part location.

Diversified inspection tasks

The VeriSens sensors from Baumer are capable of solving the most diversified inspection tasks.


These tasks include - up to 21 high-performance feature checks, up to 255 task storage, and up to 32 feature checks combinable per task.

Distinctive facts why clients prefer this vision camera series

  • Robust Aluminum Design

  • All-in-one Machine Vision System

  • Wide Range of Features

  • Industrial Ethernet

  • URCAP Certified for Easy Integration with Universal Robots

  • Ease of Calibration using Smart Grid

Recommended for below Industrial Applications

  • Robotic Automation

  • Print Inspection

  • Assembly Inspection

  • Track and Trace

VeriSens: Easy and Intuitive Image-Based Quality Control