Vertical Form Filling - Best Brands Use the Best Vacuum Solutions in India

Did you Know?

Walter Zwoyer invented the first vertical form filling and sealing machine (VFFS) in year 1936 during his work tenure at Henry Heide Candy Company.

Ever since there has been modernisation of VFFS machines decade over decade and with rapid growth in demand in FMCG and Pharma sector due to globalisation, industrialisation the VFFS industry has reached 4% compounded annual growth globally.

VFFS machine manufacturers in India have been providing modernised and sophisticated solutions to food and pharma packaging brands in India.

Two important functions take place as part of filling process which are generating a vacuum and sealing the bag and feeding inert gas and then sealing the bag. To have this done at required precision reputed VFFS manufacturing companies like Uflex and Pace packaging have been using Becker pump solutions. The VT series from Becker - Dry Pump - VT 4.16 and VT 4.25 have been the most preferred vacuum solution in the industry today. Becker has been there since 1885 and way ahead of the time when VFFS wasn’t invented.

Becker has been a pioneer in vacuum pumps and solutions and continues to deliver excellence of their products and solutions in Indian market. They have been represented in India by Upbringing Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Your return on investing with Becker solutions with the very first opportunity you choose to onboard us with would be long one to remember. We in fact spotted one of Becker pumps functioning with clients since 1976!

Come with your application and we shall provide you with quality product and a ready for a prompt and friendly after sales service. Senz Automation proudly partners with Upbringing Technologies in year 2021 for bringing more awareness of their high-quality vacuum pumps and providing the right product fit and right advise for your packaging solutions.

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