Level Switches for Waste Water Management

The availability of fresh water is decreasing and the urgent necessity for preserving water with applications such as waste water management is increasing.

Wastewater management refers to any water that requires cleaning after it is used (for laundry, bathing, dishwashing, toilets, garbage disposals, and industrial purposes; it also includes rainwater that has accumulated pollutants as it runs into oceans, lakes, and rivers). Pollutants in water are unwanted chemicals or substances that contaminate air, soil, and water.

The goal of wastewater management is to clean and protect water, which means the water must be clean enough so that it can be used by people for and by industries for commercial purposes. Furthermore, it must be clean enough to release into oceans, lakes, and rivers after it has been used.

Wastewater treatment, whether it’s municipal, industrial, or otherwise in nature, is a complex process involving removal of contaminants from wastewater or sewage and converting it into an effluent that can be returned to the water cycle.

Right from pumping stations to chemical feeds, aeration basins, mixing vessels, and more, there are several treatment areas each with their respective operations and requirements. The requirement that’s consistent across nearly every stage is liquid level monitoring and control, these applications also include wet wells and sump pumps for wastewater management (apart from industrial process applications).

‘Save, treat and recycle water, to save the human race’

This is one of the main reasons why we are contributing actively to the process of wastewater management. Baumer’s switches are innovated in a way that can be used in noble applications like wastewater management and to suit specific requirements of the medium or liquid whose level is to be measured, detected or monitored. Hence different level control switches are available, which can be used in various phases of waste water management at various places in the wastewater management plant.

Baumer’s CleverLevel Switch for Wastewater Management

What makes Baumer’s CleverLevel switch the most sought after product when it comes to waste water management is that irrespective of the media, it can be used in various industrial and hygiene sectors.

This clever alternative has approvals from most leading certification houses such as ATEX, cULus, WHG, and marine. It’s a robust device as it’s functioning is not affected by sedimentation, air bubbles, foam, turbulence, and floating particles, making it a viable option in difficult applications especially wastewater management.

A wastewater management level device needs more than just being able to read through different media. Cleverlevel does the same and when it comes to measuring high and low ceiling levels in storage tanks its intelligent sensor's short response time helps you get reliable and accurate level control as well.

Baumer’s innovation makes Cleverlevel switches the only switch that is needed for wastewater management, as it does the most vital function of reading through phase separation showcased by many materials with ease (for example, oil on water or foam layers).

Apart from this these switches can also help pumps from going dry. As you know, a dry pump can be a huge issue because of its repercussions. Such problems can be easily solved by the intelligent sensors even if the media is sticky or viscous.

Benefits of Clever Lever Switch in Wastewater Management


It's not only vital to read through the changes in the media but is also important to deliver the changes fast; the functionality of this switch is better than any of its counterparts. It has a bright blue LED indicator, fastest response time of <100 milliseconds and fully integrated electronics. It has a strong and corrosion free housing and no moving parts, which makes it remarkable.


Reading through media phase separation is not the only thing that Cleverlevel is efficient at when it comes to waste water management, this switch is flexible enough under the traditional vibrator fork. It has a broad product portfolio with various process connections.


It has maximum temperature stability and is extremely accurate making it a reliable device. The switch is resistant to shocks as well as vibrations and is also insensitive to foam, flows, turbulences, attachments and suspended elements.


Waste water management comes at a very expensive price, however ClevelLevel is an affordable innovation. You only need the Cleverlevel LBFS for all media and applications; it is also completely maintenance free hence you save a lot of money.

Considering the above attributes, Baumer’s innovation of Cleverlevel switch makes it the most robust device not only in industrial application but also efficient in wastewater management. Its versatility helps it function in different operations resulting in more cost effective solutions.

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