Becker Medical Systems for Heart Diseases

Life Critical Systems need to be crafted with products which can be 100% trusted for every single treatment.

Mr. Yadav age 45 got admitted to Hospital in Valsad complaining about chest pain, breathlessness and perspiration on exertion. He was diagnosed to have IWMI (not thrombosed - type of acute coronary syndrome, which describes a sudden or short-term change in symptoms related to blood flow to the heart) and ECG were showing Ischemic changes (a medical problem in which there is not enough blood flowing to a part of the body). Mr. Yadav at that time had a heart pump rate of 45%.

Cardiologist at hospital advised him to go with stenting, but Mr. Yadav was not willing for that option of treatment. On his will to have naturally treated and with a valuable reference of his friend he reached us. A crucial time in this phase to take right and quick decision was necessary for him. A specialised consultant then recommended him EECP treatment along with a well-defined diet plan and lifestyle modification program.

Mr. Yadav with devotion completes the EECP treatment. As he enters the clinic for the final consultation, he was feeling fresh and energetic, evident from his smile as we handed him his

results. Now he able to lift weight and walk about 6 km daily without any discomfort in chest."

A life changing disease needs right combination of life changing habits and non-evasive

treatments just like these.

Foundationally these life critical systems require specialised and reliable pump solutions with high precision. This is where don’t forget to reach Becker India (Upbringing Technologies) whose Becker pump DT 4.40 is the right product fit for given systems.

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