Highly accurate pressure transmitter for all media with touch screen!


All you need for high precision pressure measurement!

  • This PFMN/H Hygienic Pressure Transmitter has a user-friendly programmable touch screen

  • It has a unique joint less design and all wetted parts are made with PEEK material

  • It has a compact stainless steel design with an IP69K that protects against dust, high water pressure and high temperature

  • This pressure transmitter is full programmable with the software - FlexProgrammer 9701

  • The quality assures its cost effectiveness

  • It is ideal for various industries with hygienic processes like pharma, food, packaging, paint and chemical

  • The transmitter sensor is resistant to all CIP cleaning media

  • It can measure relative pressure, absolute pressure and vacuum measurement

  • The outer stainless steel material is anti-bacterial


A better pressure transmitter with wide applications!

  • Steam phase monitoring

  • Deaerator control in milk logistics

  • Filter monitoring and learning of clogging degree

  • Assessing the gas pressure in the carbonators

  • Filling pressure control in tanks and machines

How CombiPress PFMN is different from others?


A simple and more intelligent hygienic pressure transmitter!

Media savings with PFMN pressure sensor

Baumer’s CombiPress PFMN ensures high accuracy in pressure measurement which helps in
media savings.

Saves time with CombiPress

The sensor has a large user friendly display with ensures quick configuration. Along with this,
the pre-programmed configuration ranges help in saving time.

Simple Programming with PFMN Transmitter

This hygienic pressure transmitter is the best solution for level measurement in conical vessels,
using the 30 point linearization.

Decreases Process Stops

The CombiPress hygienic pressure sensor has a unqiue design that makes it premium quality,
thus ensuring increased life expectancy.

Benefits of CombiPress PFMN

Hygienic Pressure Transmitter


Unique Design

Baumer’s PFMN/H pressure sensor provides you a peace of mind with its unique and hygienic jointless design that meets the pharmaceutical standards.

Simple to Operate

This transmitter is super simple to operate, all thanks to its large touch screen display and programmable switching output with FlexProgrammer 9701.

Approvals and Ratings

This pressure transmitter also has approvals and ratings from 3A sanitary standards, IP69K and EHEDG certification which makes it unique.

Digital Sensor Data

Baumer’s hygienic pressure transmitter adds value to applications with its easy and quick commissioning.

Easy Programming

This pressure sensor provides simple programming with its 30 point linearization which helps get the correct volume in conical vessels.

PFMN/H - Hygienic Pressure Transmitter is for:

Hydrostatic Level Measurement


The PLC receives accurate data based on the continuous hydrostatic level measurement.


This guarantees process safety under extreme temperature conditions of up to 200 degrees C with constant working.

Inline Pressure Measurement

Baumer’s CombiPress PFMN/H helps in measuring pressure in difficult to access as well as inaccessible parts where there is no wired infrastructure.