Industrial Cameras

The only camera series that provides high-resolution, excellent image quality and supports high-speed image processing!


The right cameras that you need for industrial image processing!

  • The LX series industrial cameras from Baumer boast resolutions of up to an amazing 65-megapixel that captures all the minute details and variations, even in fast application processes.

  • These cameras provide brilliant image quality with excellent sensitivity for accurate evaluation, high dynamics, and low image noise with their CMOS sensors.

  • The LXT cameras with a 10 GigE interface provide super-fast image acquisition and transmission.

  • With the 10 GigE interface, you get all the benefits of GigE Vision standard. This includes cable lengths of 100 meters, reasonable integration without using any particular frame grabbers and cables, and can be used with standard network interface cards.

  • You can get precise time synchronization in the multi-camera system with some great functions like dual conversion gain, HDR, sequencer, IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol, and burst mode with up to 1000 images.

  • The liquid lens option makes changing distances quicker between the camera and object possible.

  • These LXT cameras are integrated with JPEG image compression that allows high-speed image processing with lower bandwidth, low storage capacity, and low CPU load.

  • The GigE models have an optional SFP+ port for optical cables and not a 10G Base-T port, which allows the transfer of images over distances of up to 10 km.

  • These cameras dissipate less heat and thus need less cooling.

  • The optical cables make the LXT cameras flexible, reasonable, easy to use, and resistant to electromagnetic interference.


Highly detailed images for measurement tasks and specialized inspection is difficult with regular cameras.

Industrial Production

One of the examples where Baumer’s LXT cameras can help is in getting high -resolution images of the 3D surface of stamped metal parts.


Another example where the LXT cameras are used in this sector is inspecting the printed circuit boards to ensure proper assembling.


Baumer’s LXT industrial cameras can help inspect the 2D codes on packages having different heights and sizes.

Transportation Systems

These cameras can help examine overhead lines of railway, railway tracks, sleeper defects and for wayside monitoring, etc.

Semiconductor Production

The LXT cameras can also help detect minute details of chip bonding in the production procedure.

How is the LXT Series from Baumer different from others?

High-resolution cameras that capture precise images even in high-speed processes.

Examine Details with High Output.

The LXT cameras have a high resolution of up to 65 megapixels that provide top-quality images of any process.

Extended I/O Capabilities for Easy Integration

These industrial cameras have 4 power outputs for LED driving. This helps reduce an external LED controller, hence saves costs.

Liquid Lens Support

Another feature that differentiates them from others is that they automatically adjust the focus in the field.

Frame Grabber Not Needed

These cameras do not require a frame grabber like others because 10 GigE Network Interface Card is used.

Benefits of Industrial Cameras - LXT

The benefits you can experience with the LXT Series of industrial cameras.

Dynamic focusing

Thanks to the liquid lens compatibility option, the industrial cameras LXT have a dynamic focusing feature on different working distances in fractions of speed.

Saves money

Baumer’s industrial cameras reduce system and integration costs. The power outputs can drive illumination with strobing and PWM control, thus eliminating the need to use a separate lighting controller.


These cameras with high resolutions of up to 65 megapixels can be used in place of multiple low-resolution cameras.

Quick detection and evaluation of fast procedures

Thanks to the burst mode feature, the cameras can take up to 1000 frames per second with ROI (region of interest).

Accurate image analysis

Baumer’s LXT cameras have a robust industrial design and a degree of IP protection 65 and 67.

High-speed processes

LXT cameras are the right solution for fast processes, due to their powerful features like burst mode, Multi ROI, Multi I/O and HDR and exposure time as low as 1 µs.

Short transmission

The 10 GigE camera models provide high bandwidth of 1.1 GB per second, making them 10 times faster than the GigE.


This is what reduces the response time drastically.

An Optimal solution for different industries

LXT smart cameras provide optimal solutions in multiple industries.


The high-performance features like IEEE1588 Precision Time Protocol, shading correction, HDR, sensor multi ROI, and Dual Conversion Gain make them the right choices.


They are also integrated with JPEG image compression variants.

Flexible integration

Mechanical integration becomes convenient because of a compact 60 x 60 mm housing with M3 mounts on both sides.

Distinctive facts why clients prefer this vision camera series

  • Resolution up to 65 MP

  • Dynamic Range and Speed

  • High Bandwidth Interface (10 GIGE)

  • IP 67 with Industrial M12 Connectors

  • Extended Temperature Range

  • Liquid Lens Control (Auto Focus)

Recommended for below Industrial Applications

  • Railway - All Sorts of Inspections

  • Electronics - PCB Inspection

  • Pharma - Tablet Inspection

  • Logistics 

  • Semiconductor Production

  • High Speed Process Monitoring

LX series: High-resolution CMOS Cameras