Industrial Cameras

The right kinds of cameras that you need for future-ready image processing!


Versatile future-ready industrial cameras for image processing applications across all industries!

  • The CX.I industrial cameras are equipped with 4 outputs with up to 120 watts and pulse width modulation that controls up to 4 external illuminations.

  • The camera series does not require any external controller since they are integrated with an illumination controller.

  • They have an operating temperature range of - 40 °C to 70 °C that allows simple thermal integration without having the need to take up cooling or heating measures.

  • These CX.I cameras have a patented modular tube system that protects lenses of different diameters from misalignment, dust, and dirt.

  • They also have a Precision Time Protocol as per IEEE 1588 standard for accurate time synchronisation.

  • These smart cameras can be mounted easily, all thanks to their square 40 x 40 mm housing with M3 mounts.

  • The Baumer’s CX.I series industrial cameras can be used in multiple applications with features like exposure time from 1 µs, resolution up to 12 MP, and frame rates up to 1000 fps.

  • The cameras are designed in a way that they can withstand shocks of up to 100 g and vibrations of 10 g.

  • They have innovative CMOS sensors Sony Pregius and ON Semiconductor PYTHON that makes them ideal for future-ready applications.

  • Screwing M12 plug to the cameras can help implement reliable single-cable solutions with Power over Ethernet.

  • These industrial cameras are developed under the EHEDG guidelines to suit the hygiene industry.


High-quality image solutions for cross-industry applications!

Food and beverage

Baumer’s CX.I industrial cameras have wide applications in the food and beverage industry like in beef or milk production to prevent bacteria growth.


They can withstand high temperatures of up to 70 °C, for example, cookie making near the oven and low temperatures of less than 0 °C, for instance, in cold storage.


The CX.I cameras have protected lenses with tubes and IP 67 protection for temporary water contact, making them ideal for capturing activities like swimming.

Transportation systems

They feature high shock and vibration resistance, stable connectors with IP 56/67 protection.


The cameras provide an amazing image quality, thanks to the 12 megapixels lense and ability to withstand high-temperature range from - 40 °C to 70 °C, making them suitable for transportation systems.


Baumer’s CX.1 series cameras are ideal for use in the automotive industry, thanks to the protected lens with a tube that prevents manipulation, amazing 112 megapixels clarity, four power outputs, and IP 65 protection.


The CX.I polarisation cameras are suitable for use in the pharma industry as well due to its features like a tube with Xensation glass, connectors with IP 65 and 67 protection, and the ability to withstand aggressive cleaning agents.

How CX.I Cameras are different from others?

High-performance CMOS cameras for all demanding applications!

Saves System Cost

The CX.I series cameras have an integrated lighting controller with a power of up to 120 Watts that reduces system costs on four outputs.

Ip 65 and 67 Protection

The cameras have IP 65 and 67 protection for compact implementation without any extra housing costs.

Compact and Lightweight

The smart cameras have 40 x 40 mm round hard-anodized housing with M3 mount on each side that prevents dirt traps.

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Benefits of CX.I Industrial Cameras

The benefits you can experience with the CX.I series of industrial cameras.

Cost-efficient integration

The CX.I camera series have 4 power outputs of maximum 120 Watts.


They also have a variety of thermally optimised accessories to attain protection classes - IP 54, IP 67, IP 65 and IP 69K for sensitive areas in the food, beverage, automation and pharma sector.


The cameras also have an integrated illumination controller with a brightness controller.

No additional cooling and heating required

The CX.I series of cameras from Baumer come with an operating temperature range of - 40 °C to 70 °C that eliminates the need for undertaking additional cooling and heating measures.

Accurate image analysis

The CX.I camera series have an industrial design that can tolerate temperatures ranging from - 40 °C to 70 °C.


They can bear shocks of up to 100 g and vibrations up to 10 g. The industrial cameras have Opto-decoupled inputs and outputs having voltage levels of automation technology.

Quick and simple commissioning

Baumer’s CX.I smart cameras are compatible with software providers like Windows, Linux, as well as ARM-based platforms.

Quick detection and evaluation of fast procedures

Thanks to the burst mode feature, the cameras can take up to 1000 frames per second with ROI (region of interest).

Distinctive facts why clients prefer this vision camera series

  • Hard Anodised Surface

  • Four DI / Four Power DO

  • 12 pin Industrial M12 Connectors

  • IP 67 protection with patented modular tube system

  • Precision Time Protocol

  • Short exposure times

Recommended for below Industrial Applications

  • Steel Plants - Billet Length Measurement, Rhomboidity, Width Measurement

  • Robotics - Vision Guided Robotics

  • Shape from Shading

  • F&B - High Ingress Protections

A new approach to modular protection – CX Series