Fastest Auto Darkening Glass in the world

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  • ShadeTronic Technology: LCD darkening technology faster than blink of an eye , reaction time of 0.1 second

  • Energy Self -Sufficient: The solar cells work as an energy source and change sunlight into electrical energy, which powers the LCD circuit in the glasses.

  • Liquid Crystal Display: Liquid crystals within the lens continuously react to the changing electrical voltage generated by the lens' solar cells. The LCD responds lightning-fast to provide the perfect level of light transmission.

  • Stepless Tinting: These intelligent sunglasses continuously adapt to changing light conditions on an infinite scale between DIN shade 2 and shade 4.

  • Infinite Tinting: Lenses are 100% polarized, completely eliminating glare from reflected light. They also provide full protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays while passing full, bright colors through the lens.

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