All you need for accurate analysis and differentiation of various media!


The best in class when it comes to conductivity transmitters!

  • Unlike its counterparts, this conductivity transmitter AFI4/5 has a large touch screen display which is super simple to use

  • It has an amazing joint less design with wetted parts that are made of the best PEEK material

  • The conductivity sensor offers short response time because it has pre-programmed concentration ranges for media like nitric acid, caustic soda, etc.

  • This conductivity transmitter is ideal for industries like food & beverage, water/waste water and pharmaceuticals.

  • This CombiLyz transmitter has a quick temperature compensation of T90 + 15 seconds

  • It has a compact stainless housing of IP69K that protects it from dust, high temperature, and high water pressure

  • CombiLyz is available with HART communication protocol and IO-Link communication interface

  • The AFI5 is suitable for confined spaces and strong vibrations

  • It has a multi-colour traffic light system and a graphical display


A better conductivity transmitter with wide applications!

Keeping a track of CIP process

The Baumer’s CombiLyz Conductivity sensor reduces CIP (Cleaning in place) operating costs. It offers accurate cleaning control and safety with sensors.


It provides a simple sensor configuration and ready to fit adapters. It helps in saving energy and water/solvent up to 6.5 lakhs every year.

Cleanliness measurement of rinsing water

To avoid food contamination, this conductivity transmitter AFI 4/5 accurately measures the surplus concentration of chemicals in rinsing water.


It informs the PLC at the time the water is clean to certify food safety.

Concentrate dosing of chemicals

The CombiLyz AFI4/5 measures a particular concentration in order to restrict concentrate dosing of chemicals.


This conductivity transmitter ensures optimum use of cleaning agent and food safety, with accurate measurement. The sturdy hygienic tip of this sensor ensures longevity.

How CombiLyz AFI 4/5 is different from others?

All the positive points that you can expect from Baumer’s CombiLyz conductivity transmitter AFI4/5

Saves Time

The transmitter helps in saving time due to its quick configuration through the large display and pre-programmed configuration ranges.

Optimum Resource consumption

The conductivity transmitter detects different media quickly using low resources even at a high temperature.

Reduces Operating Costs

This conductivity transmitter is made in a way that reduces energy and water, thus lowering the operating costs compared to other conductivity sensors.

Reduces Process Stops

The conductivity transmitter CombiLyz AFI4/5 has a unique design which ensures quality and decreases process stops, thus increasing its durability.

Benefits of Conductivity Transmitter CombiLyz AFI4/5


Its unique hygienic design and working has approvals and ratings from 3A sanitary standards, IP69K, FDA compliant, as well as EHEDG certification.


Its robust and hygienic design meets the highest industrial standards.

Simple and quick commissioning

Its time saving system and convenient parameterization through the IO link master enables quick commissioning.


Baumer’s conductivity sensor is user-friendly, all thanks to its large display with touch screen, three-colour backlit alert indication and easily configurable text display.

A better solution for accurate analysis and distinction of media!

  • Controlling CIP (Cleaning in place) procedure

  • Controlling filling tanks and machines

  • Differentiation of various media

  • Water systems with >   50 μS/cm

Baumer AFI4 Conductivity Sensor Demo