The ultimate point level detection alternative to the traditional vibrating fork level switch.


The only product you need to meet

to all your level detection needs!

  • This clevelevel LBFS switch can be used in diverse media

  • It is ideal for use in industrial and hygiene sector, irrespective of the media

  • This clever alternative has approvals from most leading certification houses - ATEX, cULus, WHG, and marine

  • It is suitable for most difficult applications because it is unaffected by sedimentation, air bubbles, foam, turbulence, and floating particles


The original and better level detection switch with wide applications!

Level detection in tanks and pipes

Storage tanks and containers are usually equipped with switches for detecting low and high ceiling levels.


This intelligent sensor's short response time helps you get reliable and accurate level control.

Detection in varied media and phase separation

With Baumer’s innovation, this is the only level sensor switch that you require to detect different media and phase separation.


In some processes, the material appears in varied phases which can be identified or measured. For example, oil on water or foam layers.

Saving the pump from running dry

As you know, a dry pump can be a huge issue because it can lead to damages or dosing variation. Such a problem can be resolved by this intelligent sensor even if the media is sticky or viscous.

Detection of contaminants in media

Contamination of a product is a huge issue for the food production industry. Spotting it early is beneficial, and also economical.


For instance, remains of cleaning agents can be detected in fluid foods before any processing takes place in the future.

How Cleverlevel LBFS is different from others?

The only sensor you require to detect different types of media.

Helps in Monitoring

The Cleverlevel LBFS helps monitor changes in the medium’s Dk value like measuring the purity of lubricating oil.

Triggers Various Media

The Clevelevel LBFS has a pulse width modulation which helps you detect different media in the same processing tank or line to separate the final product like different types of fish sauce, etc. 

Enables you to Identify if Medium is Polluted

In case the medium is polluted with some other medium, the Cleverlevel alerts you in this case. For instance, you can take action instantly in case oil is polluted with water.

Enables you to Identify a Particular Medium

The Clevelevel LBFS sensor helps you know the type of medium that is flowing in the pipe/tank, for example, water, milk, CIP fluid, etc.

Benefits of Cleverlevel LBFS

The advantages that you can expect out of your Cleverlevel LBFS!


The functionally of this switch is better than its counterparts. It has a bright blue LED indicator, fastest response time of <100 milliseconds and fully integrated electronics.


The LBFS has a strong and corrosion free housing and no moving parts, which makes it more special.


This switch is flexible enough under the traditional vibrator fork. It has a broad product portfolio with various process connections.


One of the benefits of the Clevelevel LBFS switch which makes it special is its reliability. It has maximum temperature stability and is super accurate.


The switch is resistant to shocks as well as vibrations and insensitive to foam, flows, turbulences, attachments and suspended elements.


You only need the Cleverlevel LBFS for all media and applications which saves you lots of money. Plus, you also save some more money because it is completely maintenance free.

One solution for all level detection tasks

  • Foamy

  • Low and Low Level

  • Low and High Viscosity

  • Foamy

  • Solid

  • Powdery

  • Media separation

  • Sticky

  • Electrostatic

Brewery Applications with CleverLevel the Level Switch