Baumer U500 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors.

Baumer UR18 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

Next-gen, flexible and sturdier Ultrasonic Distance Sensors for wide applications!


Sturdier and cost efficient Ultrasonic Sensors for all your applications!

  • These Ultrasonic Distance Sensors have the highest process reliability, all thanks to its hermetically sealed sensor element.

  • The UR18 sensors have a flexible sonic cone adjustment of narrow, medium and wide with the help of the IO-Link functionality.

  • Compared to traditional sensors, these stand out with the narrowest blind range of 20 mm with an amazing sensing distance of up 1 m.

  • The narrow sonic cone is suitable for tight bottle openings and the wide sonic cone ensures high signal stability and dependable level monitoring.

  • Baumer’s Ultrasonic Distance Sensors have disruption filter feature that ignores interfering objects like mixers in the tank which increases detector reliability.

  • These sensors have an M 18 stainless steel housing and a high protection class of IP 69.

  • These next-gen Ultrasonic Sensors by Baumer are sturdier and cost-efficient.

  • The sensor element is hermetically sealed with the robust PEEK film to withstand touch conditions which ensures maximum process reliability.

  • These Ultrasonic Sensors offer maximum flexibility in the planning phase, all thanks to its OneBox design.

  • The integrated settings and filter option via IO-Link interface makes UR18 super reliable for wide applications.


Extremely resistant and reliable Ultrasonic Sensors for level applications!

Diameter control

The measuring version of the UR18 Ultrasonic Sensors enables monitoring of the diameter of rolls irrespective of their colour, transparency and reflectance.

Loop control/Sag monitoring

Baumer’s UR18 sensors measure loop depth even for transparent foils, thus controlling material supply in the machines.

Distance measurement in part bunker

Baumer’s Ultrasonic 2-point switch sensors are ideal for level detection in a parts bunker. Parts having uneven surfaces can be detected, all thanks to the increasing sonic beam width.

Presence detection in the food industry

These 1-point ultrasonic proximity sensors are ideal for presence detection in the food industries like detecting, and fill level of tea/coffee powder in tea and coffee vending machines.


UR18 Ultrasonic Sensors from Baumer can withstand high pressure and cleaning with aggressive agents, thanks to its hermetically sealed sensor.

Wide applications in various industries

The sensor detects full or empty bottles in the splash zone in food & beverage, pharma, and any other sector that requires bottle filling.


The long range of the sensor detects pallets with foil packaging. The sensor helps detect wooden trunks in extremely dusty environment.


They also help in monitoring the positions of huge bag packaging in industries that require bulk packaging.


These next-gen sensors from Baumer help in level monitoring small water and wastewater treatment tanks.

How are UR18 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors different from others?

A unique next-gen sensor that you require to meet all your level application requirements!

Narrowest blind zone

These Ultrasonic Sensors from Baumer have the shortest blind zone of 20 mm with a best-in-class sensing range of up to 1 m to remove design-in limitations and issues in machine integration.

Sturdy sensor

They have a mechanically and chemically robust sealed sensor with a PEEK sensing element to ensure the durability of the sensor.

Detection reliability

These Baumer sensors ignore any disrupting objects that they come in mixers in the tank, all thanks to its disruption filter function ensuring detection reliability.

Q-teach parameterization

The Ultrasoonic Sensor enables a unique Q-teach parameterization technique for the local teach-in via IO-Link feature.

Benefits of UR18 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

The plus-points that you can expect out of your UR18 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors!

Reliability and durability

Baumer’s Ultrasonic Distance Sensors are sturdy and resistant, thanks to their hermetically sealed element with PEEK foil.

Flexible and program-specific parameterization

These Baumer Ultrasonic Distance Sensors have multiple setting options like filter functions or sonic beam width via the IO - link functionality.

Distance measurement almost to the sensor surface

These distance sensors have the narrowest blind range of 20mm with an amazing sensing range of up to 1 m.

Consistent operation

Baumer’s sensors can detect high-gloss, transparent, and multi-colour objects with maximum resistance to soiling, water drops or chemical elements like isopropyl alcohol or antifreeze and rinsing media.