Baumer U500 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors.

Baumer U500 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

Robust, reliable and flexible ultrasonic sensors for any applications!


The next-gen extremely resistant and flexible ultrasonic sensors!

  • The U500 Ultrasonic Sensors are cubical in shape, have a slim design.

  • They have the shortest blind range of 20 mm with the best-in-class sensing distance of up to 1 m.

  • These sensors have IO-Link functionality for variable parameterization which makes them reliable in any situation.

  • The U500 Ultrasonic Sensors are sturdier and cost-efficient.

  • The zero fail sensor element with the PEEK foil on it makes Baumer’s U500 more robust.

  • The integrated settings and filter options make them reliable and high-performance.

  • They have a flexible sonic cone adjustment (narrow, medium and wide) via the IO-Link functionality.

  • These sensors are suitable for various applications like the narrow sonic cone is ideal for tight bottle openings.

  • Due to the unique disruption filter, these Ultrasonic Sensors ignore interfering objects like mixers in the tank.

  • The U500 sensors also deliver valuable diagnostic data for increased unit efficiency. The data can be helpful for future maintenance concepts.

  • These sensors ensure the highest process reliability and durability.


Most reliable distance sensors with wide applications!

Distance measurement in part bunker

This 2 point switch is suitable for level detection in a parts bunker. With the increasing sonic beam width, parts with rough surfaces such as screws are very well detected.


The teach-by-value function makes it possible to install the sensor to various machine types without the need to fill up to different levels.

Presence detection in food industry

The 1 point ultrasonic proximity sensor is suitable for presence detection in the food industry like detecting yogurt cups before falling.


It helps detect the fill level of tea/coffee powder in tea and coffee vending machines.


Baumer’s U 500 Ultrasonic Sensors can withstand cleaning with aggressive media and high pressure due to its hermetically sealed sensor element.

Distance measurement in A&H and Pharma industry

The U500 Ultrasonic Sensor helps in hopper level detection in the Assembly & Handling as well as the Pharma sector.


It helps in detecting the fill level of metal chip conveyors in the A & H industry. The sensor helps in bottle detection and filling level in the packaging section.

Diameter control

The measuring version of the U500 Ultrasonic Sensors enables monitoring of the diameter of rolls irrespective of their colour, reflectance and transparency.

Loop control/Sag monitoring

U500 sensors measure loop depth even for transparent foils, thus controlling material supply in the machines.

How U500 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor is different from others?

The only sensor you require to meet all your application requirements!

Shortest blind zone

These sensors have the shortest blind zone of 20 mm with large sensing ranges of up to 1000 mm to remove design-in limitations and hurdles in machine integration.

Robust sensor

They have a mechanically and chemically sturdy sensor that is sealed with a PEEK sensing element to ensure longevity.

Detection reliability

These sensors will ignore any disrupting objects like mixers in the tank, all thanks to its disruption filter. This ensures detection reliability.

Q-teach parameterization

The sensor enables a unique Q-teach parameterization technique for the local teach-in with the IO-Link feature.

Benefits of U500 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

The advantages that you can expect out of your U500 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors!

Reliability and longevity

Baumer’s distance sensors are robust and resistant all because of their hermetically sealed element with PEEK film.

Flexible and specific program parameterization

The Baumer Ultrasonic Distance Sensors have various setting options like filter functions or sonic beam width with the help of IO - link functionality.

Distance measurement almost to the sensor surface

These sensors have the shortest blind range of 20mm with a sensing range of up to 1 m.

Consistent operation

The sensors can detect transparent, multi-colour and high gloss objects with maximum resistance to soiling, water droplets or chemical elements like isopropyl alcohol or antifreeze and rinsing media.