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Baumer Photoelectric Sensor O300

The most reliable sensor you will need for object detection in cramped spaces!


The sensor series you will require for object detection!

  • The O300 photoelectric sensor series provides reliable detection, easy implementation and operation.

  • Baumer’s O300 sensor for cramped spaces is 12.9mm wide, has a short response time of < 0.1 ms and works on seven different sensor principles.

  • The robust washdown sensor detects the smallest objects up to 0.05 mm, thanks to its focused laser spot. They also have the highest reproducibility and accurate object detection of up to 0.05 mm precision. These sensors have single-lens optics that detect through very narrow openings like a keyhole.

  • The O300 hygienic design sensors are ideal for the food and beverage industry. These are ECOLAB tested and EHEDG and FDA compliant. They have a super-strong stainless steel housing of IP 69K.

  • The sensors for transparent object detection can detect transparent objects of any structure and shape. They have the shortest response time of < 0.25 ms and SmartReflect, with a 1m range without a reflector. These sensors have IO-Link Industry 4.0 integration.

  • The focused, 0.1 mm small laser spot reliably detects even the smallest objects and position differences down to a tenth of a millimeter.


Baumer Photoelectric Sensors fulfil object detection in confined spaces!

Parallel object detection

Baumer O300 sensors with SmartReflect or background suppression can be mounted side by side without mutual interference. This reduces the wiring work and allows reliable object detection in cramped spaces.

Object detection through narrow openings

O300 retro-reflective sensors have keyhole optics that can reliably detect objects even through narrow openings of up to 4 mm at close range.

Recognition of fast objects

Laser and PinPoint sensors with a very narrow and accurate light beam as well as short response times of up to 0.1 ms allow the reliable recognition of small objects in fast processes.

Presence detection of perforated objects

These sensors detect the presence of perforated and irregular objects with a linear beam.

Object recognition in hygiene and washdown industry

These Baumer O300 sensors are resistant to cleaning agents and high-pressure cleaning, thanks to IP 69K and proTect+.


They are EHEDG-certified, FDA-compliant, and ECOLAB tested. They have a Groove-free design that prevents the buildup of dirt and bacteria.

Detection of transparent objects

These sensors detect transparent objects of all kinds like bowls, bottles, foils. They have a short response time of < 0.25 ms and fast format changes with IO-Link.

How is the Baumer Photoelectric Sensor O300 different from others?

The features that make Baumer’s O300 different from other sensors in the market!

Optical sensor principles

These sensors offer up to seven sensor principles like through-beam sensor, light barrier without reflector, retro-reflective sensors, diffuse sensors with intensity difference, diffuse sensor with background suppression and retro-reflective sensors for transparent objects.

4 light sources

The Photoelectric Sensors from Baumer have four different light sources.


The standard LED diffuses light spot for object detection, Infrared LED throws invisible light beam, Laser is a focused and visible light beam, and Baumer PinPoint LED is a homogeneous light spot with sharp edges.

3 housing designs

Baumer Photoelectric Sensors O300 have plastic housing with IP 67. They have ECOLAB tested washdown design in stainless steel with IP 68/69K and EHEDG certified, FDA compliant hygienic design.

Washdown design

The Baumer sensors are ideal for use in wet areas for spray chemicals and water. They are ECOLAB tested and FDA compliant.


These O300 sensors are sealed with V4A stainless steel housingand provides protection against high temperature, dust, high pressure water.

Benefits of O300 Photoelectric Sensors by Baumer

Benefits that you can expect from Baumer’s reliable and precise O200 Sensors!

Simple implementation and operation

They have a standardized housing in the OneBox design and qTarget aligned light beam.

Enhanced performance reserves

Baumer’s O300 sensors have ALINE CMOS Opto-ASIC processors, intelligent evaluation algorithms and high MTTF values.

Industry 4.0 and IIoT-ready

The use of additional sensor data via the IO-Link interface offers not only further improvements in efficiency but also the option of devel-oping completely new products and services. Examples are proactive maintenance and highly flexible parameterization in complex format changes