Baumer Photoelectric sensor O200.png

Baumer Photoelectric Sensor O200

A reliable and excellent miniature sensor for a variety of surfaces!


The only power-packed photoelectric sensor you require for all surfaces!

  • These miniature sensors offer excellent reliability on deep black, transparent, shiny and uneven surfaces.

  • It is super simple in design and effortless in installation and set-up.

  • The sensors for shiny and deep black surfaces provide extra power reserves due to the High-Power-Mode. Best-in-Class diffuse sensor with background suppression and up to 180 mm sensing range even towards black objects

  • O200 Series miniature sensor can detect smallest objects up to 0.05 mm thanks to focused laser spot

  • The O200 sensors with innovative ambient light algorithm ensure maximum detection reliability in any lighting situation.

  • Glass or PET bottles, ampoules, foils or trays – O200 miniature sensors offer three solutions for long-term stable detection of transparent objects.

  • O200 retro-reflective photoelectric sensors with single lens optics and LED or laser light source compensate for soiling of the reflector and allow ranges of up to 4 meters. They have an additional mode for the detection of tears in transparent films

  • Background suppression with V-optics for close range (up to 15 mm) ensures luminous efficacy thanks to V-shaped, extremely narrow LED light beam

  • SmartReflect® - the light barrier without reflector simplifies design-in even in the tightest spaces and detects transparent objects up to 180 mm range

  • The comprehensive portfolio with laser or LED, point or line beam shape as well as various sensor principles offers a unique reliability in object detection. Whether transparent, small, fast, ultra-black, irregular or shiny objects. 

  • Very precise object positioning up to 0.05 mm accuracy

  • Detection through very narrow openings (keyholes) thanks to single-lens optics

  • Precise control of fast processes thanks to response times < 0.05 ms

  • Comprehensive portfolio with the right sensor for your application from the

  • Extremely high performance in a miniature design


A new definition of precision and reliability!

Semicon and electronics

Baumer’s O200 sensors are shielded against the influence of ambient light like camera or LED lighting and also interfering reflections from machine components.


The lightweight, compact Photoelectric sensors are suitable for positioning tasks in grippers.

Lab automation

Whether with or without reflector, Baumer’s Photoelectric sensors offer unique reliability in detecting transparent objects like bottles, foils, ampoules or pipettes.

Assembling & Handling

O200 sensors with V-optics enable reliable detection of tiny shiny or transparent objects with ultimate precision.

Semicon & Electronics

Extended functional reserve capacities ensure reliable detection of pitch dark and high-gloss objects without any loss of sensing range.


O200 sensors with background suppression are ideally suited for the fine positioning of transport robots, thanks to their compact design and extended range of 180 mm and. They offer stable detection of different goods or work pieces on transport robot systems.

How Baumer Photoelectric Sensor O200 is different from others?

The most reliable sensor you will need for different surfaces!


It is a unique, wear-free teach-in and comfortable procedure innovated by Baumer that allows precise and flexible adjustment of the sensors. The 1 step teach-in process is available for easy applications.

IIoT Ready

Industrial Internet of Things benefit from the data that is provided by the intelligent sensors to improve efficiency, process transparency and cut costs.


The qTarget feature in the sensors allow quick and simple installation without the need of fine-tuning and fast exchange. The design alings with the sensor’s light beam to fix holes.


This helps compensate tolerance between particular component and also ensure alignment accuracy with the sensor series.

Smart Reflect

This feature detects object irrespective of colour, surface and form. It provides maximum operating safety and no halt caused by defective and dirty reflector.

Benefits of O200 Photoelectric Sensors by Baumer

Benefits that you can expect from Baumer’s reliable and precise O200 Sensors!

Ambient light reliability

These sensors from Baumer have ambient light algorithm that ensure maximum detection reliability in varied lighting conditions.


The interfering sources are suppressed by the algorithm and ensures constant high measurement speed.

IO-Link integration

The IO-Link integration enables actuator to be controlled directly through an independant binary output without any latency through the controller. It provides additional analysis data such as device temperature and signal quality.

Experts for transparent objects

O200 Photoelectric sensors offer solutions for long-term stable detection of transparent objects like PET bottles, ampules, trays, glass bottles or trays.


These sensors with single lens LED or laser light ranges up to 4 meters and compensates for soiling the reflector.


The SmartReflect light barrier simplifies design-in in the narrowest spaces. It also detects transparent objects up to 180 mm range.