CX Series

Industrial Cameras

The smart cameras that you need to capture minute details of every application!


Versatile future-ready industrial cameras for image processing applications across all industries!

  • The CX industrial cameras have cutting edge global and rolling shutter CMOS sensors Sony Pregius, making them a flexible solution for all your image processing tasks.

  • These industrial cameras reliably capture images of high-speed applications.

  • The CX camera series from Baumer minimizes motion blur in high-speed applications, thanks to the exposure times from 1 µs.

  • The smart cameras also feature burst mode and ROI that capture up to 1000 frames per second.

  • They also feature improved temperature and power management.

  • The LXT cameras are equipped with some amazing features like Precision Time Protocol, polarization sensor, rolling and global shutter, and global reset shutter.

  • They are integrated with up to 20 megapixels in a compact 29 x 29 mm housing.

  • The cameras have auto features for exposure, white balance, and colour transformation that helps with easy integration even in changing light conditions.

  • They are equipped in a square housing and have a sensor dust protection system.

  • Baumer’s CX cameras have great shock and vibration resistance.


Baumer CX series industrial cameras with polarisation can address a wide range of applications!

CRFP surface inspection

Baumer’s CX polarisation cameras eliminate shading effects and ensure the high improvement of contrast.

Metal mesh

When CX polarisation cameras are used to capture a metal mesh image, you will notice the images are free of gloss and shading.

Strain in glass

Images captured by Baumer’s CX industrial cameras with polarisation show any defects in a strain that may decrease the glass’s mechanical strength.

Tablet inspection

The CX series cameras are accurate and quick in inspecting parameters like breakage, shape, deformation, size and colour of the tablets by capturing high-quality images.

Quality control of blister packs

Thanks to its VeriSens vision sensors, you can check the completeness of the blistered products.


The patented FEX image processor ensures accurate inspection even during fast processes for product quality.

Vials, infusion bottles and injections

The CX industrial cameras can inspect seals for defects and deformations.


The high-resolution cameras can help you spot containers having cracks, dirt accumulation, and defects on the bottle body.


They have different sensor formats that monitor underfilling and overfilling of infusion bottles.

Product tracking

Thanks to the CMOS cameras with a fantastic resolution of 20 megapixels and VeriSens vision sensors, they can check label content and print quality.

Tamper evidence

Tamper-proofing in the pharma industry is very important to avoid counterfeiting as well as adulteration. Labels on these packages can be inspected with CX series industrial cameras.

How Baumer’s VCX industrial camera series is different from others?

The right camera series that you need for all your image processing tasks!

High Quality and Reliable

These CX series cameras are super efficient with the latest CMOS sensor generation Sony Pregius Starvis.

Long Lifetime

Baumer’s CX series industrial cameras have an exceptional MTBF > 40 years ( Mean Time Before Failure).

Substantial Functionality

These smart cameras can be used in a wide range of applications, all thanks to their extensive functionality, brilliant image quality, and high frame rates.

High Flexibility

The cameras have a sturdy and square housing of 29 x 29 mm with M3 mount on every side. This allows for super-fast and affordable mechanical camera implementation.

Benefits of Industrial Camera - CX Series

The benefits you can experience from these industrial cameras.

Accurate image analysis

The CX cameras have a unique industrial design that can withstand a temperature range of up to 65 degrees Celsius. 


They even have Opto-coupled inputs and outputs with voltage levels of automation technology, providing long term stability.

A quick evaluation of fast procedures

Baumer’s CX cameras have a burst mode that can acquire up to 1000 frames per second with a region of interest.

Fast and simple commissioning

The cameras are compatible with most third-party software providers like Linux, Windows, and ARM-based platforms.


They are standard compliant with USB3 Vision, and GigE Vision, complying with GenICam standards.

Reasonable integration

Baumer CX series industrial cameras provide quick and cost-effective integration across all segments.


They have a vast range of sensors with resolutions of up to 20 MP.

Distinctive facts why clients prefer this vision camera series

  • Excellent image quality

  • Lightweight and Robust

  • Enhanced Temperature Management

  • High MTBF

  • On Sensor Polarisation

  • Flexible Mounting

Recommended for below Industrial Applications

  • Medical Imaging

  • Pharma Traceability

  • Automotive Inspection

  • Quality Inspection of  Glass/Metal Surface

  • Road Inspection

  • Fabric/Paper Quality Inspection

Capturing Images with 1 µs Exposure Time – CX Series